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The UK's most northerly newspaper speaks to Shetlanders at home and abroad about the fascinating archipelago we call home. Musicians, writers, artists, politicians or simply someone with a story to tell our podcast will feature them all. Email if you are interested in taking part or would like to suggest and interviewee.
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Mar 30, 2017

Today’s guest is Jenna Reid. Jenna is a fiddler, nominated as ‘Best Instrumentalist’ at the 2007 Scots Trad Awards and she was born and brought up in Quarff.

Jenna was taught by some of the greatest names in Shetland fiddling, Dr Tom Anderson MBE and Willie Hunter, and she’s played all over the world with groups such as Filska, Deaf Shepherd and Dochas,



Mar 22, 2017

Today’s guest, Yell man, actor and musician, Robert Williamson is best known for getting stuffed in a BAFTA-winning film, The Taxidermist (2011). second of four offspring to Rev. Magnus and Eunice Williamson, he was born in The Manse on

He is the second of four offspring to the Rev Magnus and Eunice Williamson, and was born in The Manse in Eday, Orkney but grew up in Shetland. He says Island life was extremely agreeable and particularly free, especially the air, which as Shetlanders know, often arrives at 100 miles an hour!

Music was his first foray into performance, he learned piano, fiddle and acoustic guitar, before settling for electric bass, playing rock n roll as a teenager – he still plays bass and guitar.

He now works with theatre companies in Edinburgh,

Three of his screen works have attracted BAFTA award nominations with one winner.

Mar 15, 2017

To accompany his podcast Fiddler Kevin Henderson gave The Shetland Times permission to upload Da Foula Reel from his album Fin Da Laand Ageen. Enjoy!

Mar 14, 2017

Today’s guest, Kevin Henderson, began playing the fiddle aged nine and has studied under both Trevor Hunter and the late, great Willie Hunter, who was arguably Shetland's finest fiddler.

He’s a founding member of award-winning Shetland powerhouse, Fiddlers’ Bid, formed in 1991, has been a member of folk music legends, Boys of the Lough, since 2001, a member of Scottish super-group Session A9 since 2004 and co-founded the Nordic Fiddlers Bloc in 2009.

In 2011 he released his debut solo album, Fin Da Laand Ageen, to great critical acclaim.

He’s toured throughout the world including the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe….performed on TV and radio programmes all over the globe and has featured on many albums over the years

Catch Kevin and Nordic Fiddlers Bloc at  on social media @nordicfiddlers3 and @khendersonmusic 

Mar 9, 2017

Thor Holt of Shetland Times Podcast talks to guest Ann Cleeves, author of the Vera Stanhope novels and the Shetland books: Raven Black, Red Bones, White Nights, Blue Lightning, Dead Water.

Cold Earth is Ann's latest in the much-praised series, her 30th book in as many years, and is now available - check it out at Ann's Amazon page

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