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The UK's most northerly newspaper speaks to Shetlanders at home and abroad about the fascinating archipelago we call home. Musicians, writers, artists, politicians or simply someone with a story to tell our podcast will feature them all. Email if you are interested in taking part or would like to suggest and interviewee.
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Dec 30, 2017

Podcast host Marjolein Robertson has been on a journey of discovery learning about Shetland's past traditions of the eight Helly Nichts (Holy Nights) of Christmas.

Listen as guest Roseanne Watt, who created the journey, and Marjolein explain the eight nights and what the customs are for each.


Dec 21, 2017

Father Christmas himself graces the Shetland Times Podcast to speak to podcast host Marjolein Robertson about all things Christmas.

They discuss his work over the festive period, his favourite Christmas films and Marjolein explains some of Shetland's Christmas traditions including the Helly Nichts (Holy Nights).

Dec 14, 2017

Young East Voe farmer Jakob Eunson won the agricultural category award in the Lantra Awards.

He talks to podcast host Marjolein Robertson about this experience, as well as his new role as an ambassador for farming and crofting and the importance of apprenticeships.

Dec 7, 2017

In this week's episode, podcast host Marjolein interviews Sandra Jamieson, weel kent in the world of Shetland sports.

She has excelled in and taught archery as well as being one of the figureheads involved with winning the bid and the hosting of the NatWest Island Games in Shetland in 2005.

Sandra was also awarded the prestigious Lifetime Endeavour Award at the Shetland Sports Awards 2017 and speaks about the night and her experience. 

Nov 30, 2017

Shetland born Maxie Bain has returned home after living south most of his life, both teaching and painting.

With his current exhibition in Bonhoga Beach Scenes and other obsessions he talks to podcast host Marjolein about his life's journey and craft. 

Nov 23, 2017

Comedian Sara Pascoe was in Shetland last weekend for a stand up show at Mareel.

She speaks to fellow comedian and podcast host Marjolein Robertson about the world of stand up.

Pascoe discusses how she first began performing stand up, as well as the ins and outs of touring. And she tells more about appearing on panel shows including QI and Mock The Week.

The stand up show is reviewed in 24th November edition of The Shetland Times.

Nov 16, 2017

Ashlea Tulloch talks to podcast host, Marjolein Robertson, about the Shetland Befriending Scheme.

It is a voluntary organisation providing one-to-one support for people of all ages within Shetland.

Ashlea tells how she first became involved, explains the scheme and discusses previous voluntary work she has done including Oxjam Music Festival and a sponsored motorbike run.

Nov 9, 2017

This week Marjolein Robertson talks to her Dad, Frank Robertson about his life on the croft as a boy.

This episode was first recorded as a trial, but we thought it was too good to let it go without publishing it.

Frank shares anecdotes from working with the crops and animals on the croft. To talking about the changes in Shetland since the oil.

We hope you enjoy his stories.

Nov 2, 2017

Karen Cunningham is this year's Wordplay curator.

Cunningham has previously worked as the head of libraries in Glasgow where she founded and directed the Glasgow book festival, Aye Write! 

Her love of Shetland began when visiting a friend here 10 years ago. Since then she has returned many times to visit. 

She speaks to podcast host Marjolein Robertson about her involvement in Wordplay, the thinking behind this year's programme and the events to come.

Oct 26, 2017

Ghosts, skeletons and a spooky tale...

In celebration of Hallowe'en this week's podcast focuses on the infamous Windhouse in Yell.

Podcast host Marjolein Robertson speaks to Davy Cooper, storyteller, about the various myths and legends behind house. Next, Val Turner joins to talk about recent findings discovered at Windhouse that have been featured in The Shetland Times and the national news.

Finally, Mike Grundon, BBC Radio Shetland presenter, shares an incident when he visited Windhouse several years ago.

Enjoy our Hallowe'en special!

If you have any suggestions for future podcasts please do email them 

Oct 19, 2017

Bruce Gilardi, owner of the Waas Bakery, speaks to podcast host Marjolein Robertson about his beginnings in California, born to a Shetlander; his travels over the years, his jobs – including working for the US Navy during the cold war – through to his purchase of the Waas Bakery and what Shetland means to him.

Oct 12, 2017

Alan Gifford, of the Accordion and Fiddle Festival Committee, relives the highlights of the 30th Festival with podcast host Marjolein. He also speaks about his introduction to the fiddle and his bands over the years as well as his role in teaching strings in Shetland.

Oct 5, 2017

Shetland storyteller Davy Cooper joins podcast host Marjolein to discuss his journey into the world of storytelling. He talks about the art form as well as looking into what makes Shetland storytelling unique. 

Sep 28, 2017

Jim Sim is a missionary from Shetland.

He is based in Houston, Texas, and has worked throughout South America. Recently he has been involved in working in Panama and building houses.

On a return trip to Shetland, he speaks to Marjolein about his life in the Americas and work as a missionary.

Sep 21, 2017

Shetland born and bred textile designer, Ella Gordon, speaks to host Marjolein Robertson about her love of Shetland knitwear.

Ella talks about her textiles studies at the Shetland College, bringing her into the world of knitwear and designing she thrives in today – even acting as Patron for the Shetland Wool Week 2016.

Listen to her story, find out more about her interests and some information on what to expect at Shetland Wool Week 2017.

For more information about Ella's work, and the online shop to buy her knitting patterns visit: 

Sep 14, 2017

Chef Akshay Borges shares his story on this week's podcast, from leaving his home in Mumbai to study in Edinburgh, then his chance move to Shetland where he began working in the kitchen of Scalloway Hotel. Now, a trained chef, Akshay is pursuing a number of interesting projects within Shetland and also to promote Shetland food to a world wide audience. He discusses all of this and shares information about this year's Shetland Food Fair, on this weekend, with podcast host Marjolein Robertson. 

Now, a trained chef, Akshay is pursuing a number of interesting projects within Shetland and is also keen to promote Shetland food to a worldwide audience. He discusses all of this and shares information about this year's Shetland Food Fair, on this weekend, with podcast host Marjolein Robertson. 

He discusses all of this and shares information about this year's Shetland Food Fair, on this weekend (15th-17th September 2017), with podcast host Marjolein Robertson. 

Sep 7, 2017

Shetland born and bred Thomas Jones left the isles to study music and sound production after he finished his education at the Anderson High School.

Since then he has travelled the world working in different productions and tours. 

After returning to Shetland a little over three years ago he has begun working for Shetland Arts as well as taking part in numerous arts projects and the band Big Time Quell.

He speaks to podcast host Marjolein Robertson about these endeavours as well as upcoming music festival extravaganza Bop Stock And Three Smoking Venues.

Sep 4, 2017

As the curtain closes on another Screenplay film festival The Shetland Times Podcast goes to the movies.

Marjolein Robertson interviews volunteer coordinator Cara McDiarmid, director Hope Dickson Leach, professor Phil Scraton, actor George MacKay and festival co-curators Mark Kermode and Linda Ruth Williams.


Aug 24, 2017

The Heavy Metal Buffet podcast began in the summer of 2012.

From its inception five years ago the podcast grew into an online video channel and annual rock festival. Though, this weekend (25th-28th August) will be the last ever Buffet rock festival.

Founder and host Dirk Robertson tells host (and his sister) Marjolein Robertson, all about his background and how much he has enjoyed promoting music in the isles.

Listen on for a potted history of Heavy Metal Buffet. 

Aug 17, 2017

When the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo's Brigadier David Allfrey first visited Shetland he discovered the heart of Shetland's musical heritage – the fiddle.

When he requested a troupe of Shetland fiddlers to perform at the 2014 tattoo Margaret Robertson formed, along with others, Hjaltibonhoga.

Since then Hjaltibonhoga have been invited back time and time again – they are now one of three pillars of the REMT. 

Hear Margaret's story and insights into Hjaltibonhoga's experiences at the military tattoo.

Aug 10, 2017

Joe Christie, a Shetland student in Edinburgh, is performing in the musical Company at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. Join host Marjolein and Joe as they discuss this year's production as well as performances he has taken part in a previous Fringe as well as at home in the Shetland Youth Theatre. 

Aug 3, 2017

Comedian Phill Jupitus has been touring his latest show Juplicity and gave some time to The Shetland Times podcast to give an update on his tour and discuss his time in Shetland so far. 

Jul 27, 2017

Thor speaks to Andrew Harmsworth of Wester Quarff about being an incomer to Shetland in the 70s.

They discuss changes in Shetland crofting and politics.

Jul 20, 2017

Thor speaks to Mark Wylie, award winning trampoline and gymnastics coach originally from Shetland, and now running in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. 

Jul 13, 2017

Marjolein Robertson will be hosting the weekly podcast from the start of August. Here's a quick introduction from her about the podcast and herself. Please visit The Shetland Times home site to suggest guests for the show and buy the newspaper. The new host is Shetland born Marjolein Robertson, find her on Twitter @MarjoleinR

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